Timber Sloping Upstand

The new proprietyary Timber Sloping Kerb ensures all em.glaze flat glass rooflights are fully compliant with Part L and Part B Building Regulations, whilst saving installation time on site.

  • Available in 18 standard stock sizes in 3-5 working days lead time
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • 150mm height sloping 5° pitch to ensure correct alignment to prevent water pooling
  • Slimline design to ensure maximum daylight transmission
  • Supplied pre-assembled to reduce installation time on site
  • Can be supplied ahead of roof light to support onsite timescales
  • Manufactured from CLS graded timber, responsibly sourced & sustainable.
  • S2 500 x 500 600 x 600

    S4 600 x 600 700 x 700

    S5 700 x 700 800 x 800

    S7 800 x 800 900 x 900

    S8 900 x 900 1000 x 1000

    S9 1000 x 1000 1100 x 1100

    S11 1200 x 1200 1300 x 1300

    S13 1400 x 1400 1500 x 1500

    S17* 2000 x 2000 2100 x 2100

    R5 600 x 900 700 x 1000

    R6 600 x 1200 700 x 1300

    R6m 600 x 2400 700 x 2500

    R7 700 x 1000 800 x 1100

    R16 900 x 1200 1000 x 1300

    R17a 1000 x 1500 1100 x 1600

    R19  1000 x 2000 1100 x 2100

    R22z * 1000 x 3000 1100 x 3100

    R30a * 1500 x 3000 1600 x 3100

    * Due to their size and weight, these products will require offloading by a mechanical means, i.e. a forklift.

    Performance Data: 

    Maximum Wind Pressure (to lid): 0.90kN/m^2

    Maximum Wind Suction (to lid): -1.62kN/m^2

    Maximum Lateral Wind Suction (to kerb): -2.52kN/m^2

    Maximum Overall Overturning Pressure (to kerb): 1.84kN/m^2

    Maximum Snow Pressures: 0.70kN/m^2

    Access Load: 0.60kN/m^2

    U-Value: 1.2W/m2K


    Marine grade plywood panels - compliant with BS EN 13986

    Timber battens and studs - C16 graded CLS timber

    Rockwool insulation - compliant with BS EN 13162 & A1 classification (EN 13501-1)

    Plasterboard pre-fitted - compliant with BS EN 15283-1 & A1 classification (EN 13501-1)

    PVC plasterboard trim - compliant with A1 classification (EN 13501-1)

    The new proprietary Timber Sloping Upstand designed exclusively for the em.glaze is constructed with the tradesperson in mind. With the new Part L Thermal building regulations requiring all upstands built on site, either new build or refurbishment projects, meet a u-value of 0.35W/(m2·K).

    The Timber Sloping Upstand ensures that every Whitesales em.glaze fixed or concealed motor aluminium roof light is fully compliant. Constructed from thick CLS timber sandwiched together with Rockwool insulation and marine grade plywood with a fire rated plasterboard lining. This roof upstand is supplied pre-assembled making it quick and easy to install, whilst guaranteed to be structurally and dimensionally sound to suit all em.glaze products. Perfect for overhead glazing projects.

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