em.glaze Modular Ridgelight

em.glaze ridgelight has a slimline aluminium framework which delivers outstanding light performance and integrates seamlessly into most construction projects. em.glaze ridgelight is quick and easy to install using the supplied video guide, and is fully compatible with stock em.curb upstands.  Each unit comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Product info

Key Benefits:

  • New, slimline aluminium design maximises daylight
  • 6 standard stocked sizes – next day delivery available.
  • Quick and easy to install (video supplied)
  • Fully bespoke design options available – made-to-measure sizes, wide choice of framework RAL colours and blue solar tint
  • Multiple options of ventilation available
  • Double and triple-glazed options
  • Thermally insulated
  • 10 year guarantee

Shapes and sizes

em.glaze modular ridgelights are available in 6 standard sizes for next day delivery (manual and electric opening for ventilation are also available to special order), with bespoke shapes and sizes available within our em.glaze Bespoke range.


The Shape of a rooflight relates to the shape of the hole in the roof. em.glaze modular ridgelights are available in the following shapes:

  • Square
  • Rectangular

The Profile of a rooflight relates to the side-view contour shape of the rooflight.

em.glaze modular ridgelights are available in the following profiles:

  • Pyramid
  • Trapezoidal
Size availability

Click here to see full size chart of stocked sizes.


The em.glaze glass modular ridgelights are available in double glazing with a clear neutral tint finishing.  Solar Control and Self-Cleaning coatings are also included as standard.

Triple glazing and a clear blue tint is available to special order.


em.glaze modular ridgelights are compatible with the em.curb upstand range and can also be installed to existing builder’s curbs.

  • em.curb ECO uPVC 150mm Splayed
  • em.curb ECO uPVC 150mm Vertical
  • em.curb ECO uPVC 300mm Splayed

For full details on the performance of the upstand options available, see em.dome Upstands


em.glaze modular ridgelights are available with permanent and controllable trickle ventilation.

Controllable Trickle
  • Factory fitted
  • Installed in side wall of upstand
  • Up to 8000mm2 ventilation area per pair
Hinged Manual Spindle Opening Section
  • Manual operated
  • Opens up to 300mm
  • Proprietary design
  • Suitable for small units
Hinged Electric Actuator Opening Section
  • Electrically operated
  • Opens up to 180mm
  • Rain sensor option
  • Suitable for large and small units

Manual and electric opening sections for ventilation are also available to special order.


em.glaze modular ridgelights have been engineered to comply with severe weather ratings.

  • Withstands wind loads 1.32 Kn/m² and snow loads 1.0 kn/m²
  • U-Value for em.glaze Ridgelights thermally broken rafter is from 1.41 W/m²K*
  • BBA Water test pressure to 300 pascals
  • Uplift tested to 1320 pascals of pressure

*For Ud-Values, please contact us.


All em.glaze modular ridgelight rooflights, when installed on em.curbs in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, are guaranteed for a period of ten years.  For further information contact us.

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