em.dome Polycarbonate Rooflight

em.dome rooflights are high quality, durable polycarbonate thermoformed rooflights, designed to make optimum use of natural light.

They are available in an extensive range of over 140 sizes, and a range of shapes and glazing options to suit virtually any requirement. em.dome roof lights are tested to the highest standards and are suitable for use on most flat roofs.  They are normally specified with our proprietary em.curbs, but can also be installed on builder’s curbs.

Product info

Key Benefits:

  • Choice of dome, pyramid or trapezoidal shape
  • Patented high-security screwbolt fixing
  • Compliant with HSG33 recommendations
  • Manufactured in accordance with European standards, they hold a CE mark according to EN1873
  • Ventilation and access options available
  • A range of upstands to accommodate new roof insulation and provide tidy internal detailing

Shapes and Sizes

em.domes are available in a range of shapes and profiles and an extensive range of sizes to suit virtually any requirement.


The Shape of a rooflight relates to the shape of the hole in the roof.
em.domes are available in the following shapes:

  • Circular
  • Square
  • Rectangular

The Profile of a rooflight relates to the side-view contour shape of the rooflight.
em.domes are available in the following profiles:

  • Domes
  • Pyramid
  • Trapezoidal
Size availability

Offered in an extensive range of over 140 sizes from 400 x 400mm, through to 1900 x 2900mm.  Many sizes are available from stock for next day delivery if ordered before 2pm. Where units are to replace existing rooflights a range of curb adaptors are available. Click here to see the full size Chart


Thermoformed glazing

em.dome skylights are thermoformed from a polycarbonate sheet and are available in single, double and triple skin plus certain sizes available in quad skin or ECO multiwall construction. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, with an impact strength up to 250 times greater than glass.

  • Polycarbonate single skin
  • Polycarbonate double skin
  • Polycarbonate ECO triple skin
  • Polycarbonate ECO quad skin
  • Polycarbonate ECO 10mm glazing
  • Polycarbonate ECO 16mm glazing

em.domes can be supplied in Clear, Opal Diffused, Bronze or HeatReflect (which reflects up to 81% of the heat radiation) glazing.

  • Clear
  • Opal Diffused
  • Bronze
  • HeatReflect

All polycarbonate em.dome skylights  have a minimum 3 mm thick glazing. Inner skin thickness varies according to the dome size.

Performance of glazing materials
Fire rating to BS 476: Part 3AA
Fire rating to BS 476: Part 7Class 1 (Class 0 for Building Regulation purposes)
Fire rating to 1991 Building RegulationsTp(a)
Service temperature-50°C to 120°C
Glazing Specification table
 Light transmission (LT %)Solar heat gain factor (g %)Sound reduction (dB)Thermal transmission (W/m2K)*
Single Clear 83% 83%12 5.36
Single Opal Diffused 58%60%125.36
Single HeatReflect49%59% 12 5.36
Double Clear77%69%202.68
Double Opal Diffused51%50%202.68
Double HeatReflect43%49%202.68
Triple Clear70%60%221.78
Triple Opal Diffused45%43%221.78
Triple HeatReflect40%44%221.70
Quad Clear63%52%231.24
Quad Opal Diffused58%46%231.24
Quad HeatReflect35%37%231.37
ECO 10mm Opal Diffused51%43%211.23
ECO 10mm HeatReflect18%21%211.23
ECO 16mm Opal Diffused39%32%220.9
ECO 16mm HeatReflect16%19%221.03

*Thermal transmission refers to U-Values.  For Ud-Values, please contact us.


em.curb Upstands

em.curbs are designed to be used in conjunction with em.dome rooflights  to provide a thermally broken interface which in turn helps to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the roof.  em.curbs are available in uPVC or GRP; they represent excellent value for money, enhance the overall appearance of the rooflight and are prefinished white internally, therefore requiring no further decoration.

Splayed em.curb upstands give an excellent spread of light through the room, whilst the vertical units are available where the dimensions of the roof aperture need to be maintained.  All ventilation, access hatch and smoke vent options can be used in conjunction with em.curbs. Options available:

  • em.curb ECO uPVC 150mm Vertical
  • em.curb ECO uPVC 150mm Splayed
  • em.curb GRP 150mm Splayed
  • em.curb ECO uPVC 300mm Splayed
  • em.curb GRP 300mm Splayed
  • em.curb ECO uPVC 350mm Oversleeve Splayed

em.domes can also be installed to a builder’s upstand.

Thermal Transmission
em.curb TypeU-Value (W/m2K)
em.curb uPVC ECO 150mm Splayed0.92
em.curb uPVC ECO 150mm Vertical1.00*
em.curb GRP 150mm Splayed1.82
em.curb uPVC ECO 300mm Splayed1.00*
em.curb GRP 300mm Splayed1.07
em.curb uPVC ECO 350mm Oversleeve Splayed0.89

*Measured in hot box in the vertical BS EN ISO 12567-2: 2005

em.curb Adaptors

An em.curb Adaptor is a thermally broken uPVC adaptor for situations where a manual or electric opening rooflight is required and is installed to an existing builder’s upstand or an em.curb. Options available:

  • em.curb uPVC Adaptor 50mm high
  • em.curb uPVC Adaptor 80mm  high

em.collars provide a thermally broken solution for replacing existing or installing new rooflights and would typically be installed to a builder’s upstand. Options available:

  • em.collar 150mm Splayed
  • em.collar 150mm Vertical
Multiple em.dome rooflights

For extra long applications, e.g. 3m to 6m, two or more em.domes can be installed together by means of linked T-Collar adaptors.

These are self-supporting up to a span of 1m. For spans over 1ma structural support will be required. Where necessary, linked T-Collar adaptors are supplied in individual sections for jointing on site, utilising a standing seam detail.

em.curb upstands can also be used in conjunction with multiple rooflights.
For roof openings longer than 6m, we would normally recommend a continuous barrel vault rooflight such as our em.vault or T-Vault ranges.


Natural ventilation of rooms is important for the health, comfort and performance of occupants and also significantly reduces building running costs by reducing energy consumption.  Effective air flow is also paramount for meeting building regulations.

Natural ventilation controls are also available, including wind, rain and temperature sensors, humidity and CO2 monitors, remote controls, and time controlled opening and closing.  They are designed to provide advanced switching options to control comfort ventilation for electrically opening rooflights.  The controls are compatible with both modular and continuous rooflight ranges and all building types.  Various options can be used in conjunction with each other.

Available options for em.dome rooflights:

Permanent Trickle

Permanent ventilation is provided by means of spacer washers inserted in the em.dome fixings and provides a continuous 5 to 10mm weatherproof vent around the perimeter of the rooflight.

Controllable Trickle

Controllable trickle ventilation is an adjustable slot vent which is fitted to two or four sides of an em.curb or em.collar and can provide 8000mm² ventilation area when fitted to two sides.  Adjusted by hand.

Controllable Rotating Trickle

Rotating trickle ventilation is an easily adjustable vent which is fitted to two or four sides of an em.curb or em.collar and can provide 8,000mm2 ventilation area when fitted to two sides.  Adjusted by hand.

Controllable Rotating

Controllable rotating vents are a fully insulated unit which is fitted to two or four sides of an em.curb or em.collar and can provide a minimum of 11,000mm² ventilation area when fitted to two sides.  Adjusted by Winding Rod available separately in 1.5m, 2m, 3m or 4m lengths – please enquire for more details.

Hinged Manual Spindle Opening

Hinged opening vents provide the maximum ventilation area to allow rapid air movement.  The manual spindle operation can be opened to any point up to 300mm and is operated by a Winding Rod available separately in 1.5m, 2m, 3m or 4m lengths – please enquire for more details.

Hinged Electric Actuator Opening

Powered hinged opening vents provide the maximum ventilation area to allow rapid air movement opening to 400 or 600mm.  The electric actuator operation allows control by a wall mounted open/close switch with options for wind, rain and temperature sensors, as well as CO2 monitors, and a range of control panels  available separately.

Powered Ventilation

Where natural ventilation is insufficient, em.domes can be supplied with Vent Axia Solo or Centrif Duo centrifugal extract fans, fitted to one or more sides. These are mounted in the side wall of em.curb uPVC 150 Vertical or em.curb uPVC 300 Splayed upstand and have an extract performance of 85 m³/hr (24 l/s) or 220 m³/hr (61 l/s) respectively.

Smoke Ventilation

em.domes are also available with smoke ventilation – this is our Em-Vent range – click here for more information.

Opening for Access

em.domes also have options for manual or electric opening for roof access – this is our Em-Hatch range – click here for more information.

For more information on Ventilation, see our brochure 


We are aware that security of a property is of very high importance and that a rooflight can be perceived a weakness area.  With em.domes, or any of our rooflights, this is not the case as we have worked to ensure the design of every rooflight we provide prevents any threat of insecurity.

Patented Screwbolt

A key feature of the em.dome polycarbonate rooflight is the patented high security screwbolt, supplied factory fitted as standard. Once installed, the fixing cannot be removed using common tools. The screwbolt therefore provides a high level of resistance to tampering or forced entry. The fixing is sleeved within the body of the screwbolt which avoids pressure being exerted on the rooflight glazing.

em.dome Plus

A fully enclosed, tamper-proof frame for a totally secure fixing, em.dome Plus is simple to install and provides a neat, unobtrusive appearance, with no visible fixings.  The design of the frame incorporates standard em.dome skylights in single, double or triple skin construction. The em.dome Plus frame is made from aluminium extrusions to BS 1474, Quality 6063/T6, and is supplied in mill finish. Polyester powder coated frames are also available.

em.dome Plus security rooflights will not rust or be affected by atmospheric pollution. Once installed, they are maintenance free.

The frame is supplied factory fitted to an em.curb or em.collar. For mounting to builder’s curb the frame will need to be supplied with an adaptor frame.

  • Fully enclosed tamper-proof frame
  • High security fixing detail
  • Simple to install
  • Unobtrusive appearance with no visible fixings
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Self-draining
Security Grid

Where a higher level of security is required a security grid is available for most sizes and permutations. Polyester powder coated frames are also available. The grid provides extra strength to the complete installation whilst also acting as an extra visual deterrent to potential intruders. Type of security grid varies according to size. Please contact us for details.

Certification & Performance


Whitesales’ em.dome rooflights are ‘out-of plane’ rooflights, and provided they are specified with polycarbonate glazing, can be deemed to be ‘non-fragile’.

Impact tested

em.dome polycarbonate roof lights have undergone large body impact testing by an independent accredited test organisation and test certificates are available to demonstrate compliance to an energy level of 1200 Joules when tested to pr EN 1873, and ACR(M)001: 2005 to Class B. They have also undergone hard body impact testing according to NBN EN 13964:2007.

BBA Certified 

BBA certification is available for Polycarbonate em.domes.  Certificate No. 00/4691.

CE Certified

Polycarbonate em.domes are manufactured in accordance with European standards and hold a CE mark according to EN1873.

em.dome rooflights, em.curb upstands, hinged opening frames and rotating ventilators are certified as providing adequate resistance to precipitation, according to EN1873 – Weathertightness.

ISO 9001

em.domes are manufactured to ISO 9001.


When installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, em.domes are expected to exceed the life of the roof covering. em.domes are guaranteed against the effects of defective design, materials or construction for ten years, subject to certain conditions. ‘Special Project’ guarantees are available. For further details contact us.

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