em.curb Proprietary Upstands

em.curb proprietary upstands are suitable for use with almost our entire range. Prefabricated upstands ensure rapid, airtight and watertight rooflight installation for shorter construction timescales.

em.curb upstands are suitable for use with various roofing membranes, including single ply (bonded, welded or mechanically fixed), torch-on felt, hot melt, asphalt, GRP and liquid systems.

Some designs feature a smooth white internal finish to eradicate the need for further interior decoration - as well as a U-formed groove at the bottom of the kerb to allow for a seamless fit with plasterboard. This helps to eliminate the risk of unsightly cracks at the rooflight and lining interface.

150 Splayed GRP - For circular units only. Integral 10mm polyurethane foam insulation and robust dome fixing and mounting flanges

150 Splayed uPVC - Extruded white uPVC. Multi-chambered construction. Thermally efficient performance.

150 Vertical uPVC - Vertical kerbs are useful when the dimensions of the roof aperture need to be maintained.

300 Splayed uPVC - Allows for smaller units whist still providing excellent spread of light through the room. Ideal for when additional insulation is required.

Oversleeve Splayed - Used to oversleeve an existing site upstand. Useful if existing linings must not be disturbed.

Cowl - Enables domes to be fitted where existing dimenions are irregular or a direct size match is not available.

By selecting a vertical kerb, you can increase the amount of daylight transmission by up to 40%. Kerb selection will effect the overall thermal transmission and U-Value of the rooflight.

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