em.line Vertical Oversleeve Glazing

em.line vertical oversleeve glazing is a fast and simple to install, cost effective multiwalled polycarbonate cladding system for applications requiring excellent thermal value, light transmission and durability.

Typical applications include sports halls, industrial buildings, shopping centres, showrooms and schools.

The em.line vertical system is particularly suited to applications where existing glazing cannot be removed or would be very costly to replace – for example, projects with clerestory or other vertical glazing, tank rooms, or other facades with cladding materials such as asbestos. The system can simply be installed as an oversleeve to an existing structure on to a new em.curb upstand, which is then waterproofed to the same specification as the main flat roof.  By eliminating the need to remove existing glazing, the em.line Vertical minimizes building work and disruption.  It is suitable for roofs with any flat roofing finish, including single ply, torch-on felt, asphalt, hot melt, GRP and liquid systems.

Product info


  • Oversleeving clerestory windows
  • School hall roof borrowed light
  • Oversleeving northlight windows


  • Thermally efficient
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Impact and wind resistant
  • Suitable for all flat roof finishes
  • No need to remove existing glazing
  • No internal access required
  • Minimises building work and disruption

Shapes and sizes

The em.line vertical glazing cladding system has a maximum length of sheet of 7m.  Units are designed for vertical applications from 75° to 90°.  It is built completely to need and bespoke flashings and wall abutment details are available in aluminium pressings to suit.


The em.line vertical is supplied as a multiwall polycarbonate cladding system supplied with an aluminium framework either in mill finish, polyester powder coated white or to any RAL colour by special order.

The glazing is lightweight and solidly constructed with co-extruded UV protected polycarbonate which is located in the aluminium framework, offering excellent resistance to impact and wind pressure. It also meets the impact test standards necessary for sport centre applications.

The glazing is available in translucent clear or translucent opal diffused finish.


em.line Vertical panel system includes an upstand of choice, dependent upon existing window detail, and thickness of insulation requirements.  It can also be installed to a builder’s upstand.  The most popular compatible upstand is the em.curb ECO uPVC 350mm Oversleeve Splayed, because of its oversleeve benefits, however any of the following can be used:

  • em.curb ECO uPVC 150mm Splayed
  • em.curb ECO uPVC 150mm Vertical
  • em.curb GRP 150mm Splayed
  • em.curb ECO uPVC 300mm Splayed
  • em.curb GRP 300mm Splayed
  • em.curb ECO uPVC 350mm Oversleeve Splayed
  • For more details, please visit our em.curb page.

When installed using the em.curb ECO uPVC 350mm upstand, em.line vertical can accommodate up to 200mm of insulation and is suitable for all flat roofing finishes.


Ventilation within the upstand is available in the form of controllable and rotating trickle vents or controllable rotating vents. 


Sheet thickness40mm
Sheet width (useful)435mm
Sheet LengthLengths on request (up to 7m)
Free Length2.10m (>2.10m use horizontal reinforcements + clips)
Application temperature-40oC to +120oC
Thermal characteristics (U-Value)0.99W/m2K (calculation according EN ISO 6946:1997)*
Light transmissionTransluscent clear: 62.5%, Transluscent opal: 53.85%
according EN 1013-1
Dilation coefficient0.065mm/moK
Air permeability0.33m3h/m2 according UNI EN 1026: 2001
Frame profileClass 4 according UNI EN 12207: 2000
SheetWater permeability class 6A (EN 12208)
Wind loadWater permeability class 9A (EN 12208)
Impact resistanceI 5 (14351-1)
Weight per m24.1kg

*1.20W/m2K (test according EN674: 1999).  Thermal transmission refers to U-Values.  For Ud-Values, please contact us.


The multiwall construction of the em.line Vertical provides a consistent thermal barrier and has an excellent U-Value of 0.99W/m2K. Using the em.line Vertical panel will help to meet current thermal requirements.  The em.line vertical glazing is guaranteed for a period of ten years.  For further information, extended guarantees, or specific project guarantees contact us.

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