Bespoke ridgelights are designed to maximise the amount of natural daylight in a building and at the same time provide a clean, minimalistic finish both inside and outside.

They are manufactured from proprietary aluminium extrusions in a range of sizes to suit slope lengths or design. Available with hermetically sealed glass units, the rooflights are installed on-site, either to a site-formed upstand or to a proprietary Whitesales upstand.

Key Features
  • Bespoke flashings to suit all upstand applications
  • Purpose-made with extensive flexibility
  • Building Regulation AD L compliant options


Gable, hip- and open-ended ridgelights are custom-made continuous rooflights which are available in spans of under 1m up to 7m unsupported, and larger with a supporting framework. A 30° slope is designed as standard, although bespoke pitches can be achieved. Each rooflight run is terminated with glazed gable ends, hipped ends, wall abutments or open ends. Bays are designed at equal centres as standard, which will be sized in accordance with the required dimensions and glass specifications. Units can incorporate angles and other specialist detailing.


Glazing is available in polycarbonate, multiwall or solid sheet and single-, double- or triple- glazed glass. Clear, opal-diffused and heat-reflect polycarbonate are suitable for a broad range of projects. Glass is available in an extensive range of options to meet the more demanding criteria. The thickness and type is determined by the size and configuration of the rooflight unit and can be custom designed.


Units can incorporate opening vents, operated manually or by 24v electric actuators, for comfort ventilation.


Spec Details
Size Span from under 1m to 7m unsupported
Pitch 30° is supplied as standard, bespoke pitches also available
Glazing Single-, double- or triple-glazed glass, solid and multiwall polycarbonate
Ventilation Hinged opening sections operated manually or electric actuator for comfort or smoke


All bespoke ridgelights are guaranteed for a period of ten years.  For further information, extended guarantees, or specific project guarantees contact us.


We recommend using our installation service for our more complex continuous and bespoke products; please enquire for more information on this.

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