Heritage Rooflights

Combining modern performance with heritage design

Over the course of more than 25 years, we’ve provided bespoke replica rooflights for countless historical buildings, many of them high-profile and listed.  With our in-depth experience and wealth of technical expertise, we are leaders in our field, devising and building our products to meet the exact sizing and specification requirements of our clients.

Bespoke design for architectural harmony

Replacing rooflights in historic or listed buildings requires painstaking attention to ensure they blend seamlessly with the existing building design, whilst meeting today’s strict environmental and thermal performance standards, maximising natural light and improving occupant comfort.

  • Low-profile aluminium frames, with exact detailing, means very large units can be built to precise bespoke designs
  • Replication of the aesthetics of original rooflight architecture
  • Structural loading calculations
  • Glass design service – products tailored to suit g value, U value, LT (light transmission) performance required
  • Proprietary Heritage Ogee Glazing Bar provides sympathetic replica rooflights
  • Finishes available in RAL/BS powder coating colours as well as coloured anodising
Our service

• A complete custom design, build and installation service
• Consultation with client teams and conservation groups
• Perfect visual replicas of heritage rooflights
• Low profile and RAL-coloured aluminium frames for sympathetic restoration
• Superior environmental, thermal, acoustic and light transmission performance

Gunnersbury Park Orangery case study

Stunning glass architecture brought back to its former glory in breath-taking restoration

From wide-open fields to woodlands, glittering ponds to elegant buildings
and formal gardens, Gunnersbury Park’s 186 acres is a sight to behold.
Gunnersbury Park’s historic buildings and beautiful grounds have
been brought back to life, thanks to a multi-million pound restoration
programme that involved restoring heritage features and key buildings.
As part of the project the stunning orangery underwent a painstaking
replacement of its breath-taking rooflight and roof glazing.
Watch our video to learn more about this outstanding project and how our heritage expertise was instrumental in bringing life back to this glorious building.

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