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A guaranteed response within 48 hours

When something goes wrong, it needs putting right fast. We guarantee you an experienced and fully qualified smoke ventilation system technician on-site inside 48 hours - and more often within 24 hours - to resolve the problem to the certified satisfaction of BS5839-1:2002, including:

  • Assessing, documenting and reporting on any system faults, failed parts and programmed settings
  • Carrying out any remedial works to repair and/or make safe the existing system and units

Our standard call-out service includes up to two hours on site to document and resolve the issue. Additional hours may incur extra costs, and any new parts are chargeable if the faulty parts are not covered by a warranty or guarantee.

If your existing smoke ventilation system is showing signs of malfunction, we can quickly diagnose, resolve and return it to full working order. Remember - failure to maintain smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems is an offence, and may render your buildings insurance invalid. For a rapid response, or to book a complete system service for guaranteed compliance and renewed certification, please call 01483 271371 or fill in the form below.