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Whitesales products available the next day for merchants

Merchants have to satisfy the demands of customers operating to extremely tight deadlines. As a result they appreciate quality roofing products that are available on short lead times. That is why our depots are strategically located in England and Scotland close to major transportation hubs – this fact means you can benefit from nationwide next day delivery. We believe in high levels of service, so all our products can be delivered direct your site or merchant premises on our own transport or via an overnight carrier service.

Whitesales have over 20 years’ experience in the manufacture and distribution of speciality flat roofing products. As a company we have the dedication and resource to fulfil the most demanding of requirements throughout the UK.

Our extensive range includes flat roof windows, specialist rooflights, roof lights, skylights, and modular rooflights. We also supply smoke ventilators, flat roof accessories and trims. They are all fully tested and designed with safety in mind ensuring they are compliant with current building regulations.

Our Em-Vent Smoke Ventilators incorporate either glazed or solid covers, while our Em-Hatch Access Hatches are available in a range of sizes. Along with the rest of our range they are manufactured from durable materials which are guaranteed to stand up to the test of time.