Roof glazing refurbishment and upgrade

Refurbishment projects can present a variety of challenges, from site access to coordination with multiple stakeholders and site contacts. Often the roof glazing refurbishment is part of multiple, simultaneous works occurring. Our team are highly experienced in working closely with other contractors, and within set timescales, to ensure success.

Our works vary from specialist glass replacement projects to large-scale refurbishments. We can undertake full specification preparation and complete project management of a broad range of roof glazing refurbishment and upgrades.

With our extensive experience, our project teams and site managers are able to specify safe method of works to complete complex refurbishment projects, causing minimal disruption.

We can also design solutions for refurbishment where existing glazing can’t be removed or when costs would be prohibitive – often buildings with clerestory and vertical glazing, tank rooms and facades with cladding materials such as asbestos.

Our highly experienced in-house technical consultants and technicians provide outstanding support and guidance through the complexities of any refurbishment project.

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