Daylight Theory

We spend an estimated 90% of our lives indoors

While it can be difficult to measure the precise impact of daylight on working environments, homes and hospitals, the consensus from international research across the decades is that people need daylight.

It makes us healthier in mind, body and spirit. It helps us heal, lifts physical and mental performance and productivity, and helps us reach our potential. It makes us happier in ourselves, and in the way we interact with others. roof light draws in three times as much daylight as a vertical window of the same size.

There’s a lesson to learnt about daylight

Two factors are guaranteed to influence educational outcomes for students and staff alike: quantity and quality of natural light, and the quality of the air they breathe.

Bringing optimum daylight in to schools and educational facilities enhances the learning environment and greatly benefits the student population. Students achieve 25% better test scores in daylit classrooms*

Cost savings are also realised with lower consumption of heating, lighting and power.

Bright, effective learning environments help pupils fulfil their potential

For an overview of the multiple benefits of daylight in schools, take a look at our infographic.

*Daylighting in schools, Heschong Mahone Group
Think of a building, any building

Daylight’s beneficial boost to physical, mental and emotional well-being is felt in all sorts of ways, in all sorts of places.

Better concentration, increased productivity, more motivation and morale, resurgent recruitment and retention levels. That’s true across all industries: public sector and private, office staff, workers in a warehouse or shop employees. Employers appreciate all of this as much as the reduced number of days’ sick leave and lower energy bills that daylighting brings. Lighting accounts for 33% of office building electrical use*

Daylit retail environments even report higher sales turnover – it’s the third most important factor in increasing sales volume, according to HMG’s Daylighting impacts on retail sales performance.

Well-being for employees goes beyond just ‘wellness’, important as that is. It’s a complex blend of the physical, psychological, social and relationship aspects of employees’ working lives.

Bright working environments are essential for happy, healthy employees.

*Energy consumption in the United Kingdom, Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform.
Living under natural light

Incorporating effective daylighting into domestic developments brings a host of benefits. Better sleep quality and better physical, emotional and mental well-being. Occupants of house with daylit rooms get 46 minutes sleep per night*

It’s no secret that a naturally lit home is instinctively more appealing to homeowners and tenants. Offering financial benefits too. Artificial lighting in homes constitutes 15% of the average annual household energy bill. However, effective daylight designs lowers energy use and energy bills substantially, without compromising on thermal performance and occupant comfort.

Of course, for house value or rentable rate to reach its maximum, roof glazing solutions need to be sleek as well as high-functioning. Low profile and bespoke roof lights marry aesthetics with superior performance.

Outstanding roof light design possibilities deliver beautiful and desirable homes.

*Impact of Windows and Daylight Exposure on overall Health and Sleep Quality, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
A healthier healthcare sector

If better daylighting boosts wellbeing in homes and schools, what’s the impact on human health in hospitals?

Exactly what you’d hope for. Perhaps even better. Sunlight boosts serotonin levels, which decrease stress and increase positivity – more than 11 studies show that sunlight reduces depression in bipolar and seasonal affective disorder sufferers. Bright daylight reduces agitation in dementia sufferers*

That’s not all. It has an analgesic effect, reducing pain medication by up to 22% and costs by 21%, according to the BRE’s Daylight benefits in healthcare buildings report. Post-operative recovery rates speed up too – by up to 41%.

Add efficient roof lights with integral ventilation, and you’ll cut the negative effects of CO2 build up, as well as enhancing public safety with smoke ventilation.

From post-op recovery rooms to care homes, healthcare facility designs should be looking to maximise daylight and deliver superior, restorative environments.

*Daylight benefits in healthcare buildings, BRE
Brighter solutions for heritage buildings

Britain enjoys fine and varied architectural heritage dating back centuries. Maintaining, restoring and refurbishing historical buildings requires respect and sensitivity.

Galleries, museums, ancestral homes, all benefit from the even spread of natural light into the dark corners which light through a window cannot reach.

Many historical buildings suffer neglect through lack of finance, yet choosing the right daylight solution can make significant energy savings, which help owners manage costs. Since natural light improves aesthetic – and a sensitively designed rooflight suits its context – heritage buildings become more usable and more profitable too.

Recreating original roof lights for such illustrious buildings as Somerset House and the Barbican Centre, we understand the complexities of delivering outstanding daylight ingress, solar control and impressive thermal performance in historic conservation buildings. Our bespoke designs fulfil today’s trick environmental and thermal performance standards, maximise natural daylight and improve occupant comfort with historically sympathetic designs.

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