Don’t Break Glass: Classification of non-fragility for roof glazing

This RIBA-accredited seminar details the classifications of glass used in roof glazing and the types of rooflights that can safely be specified as non-fragile or walk-on. It covers how to specify rooflights which will ensure compliant safety levels.

It will help you to understand the following topics:
  • Understand the test procedures and classifications relating to roof glazing
  • Understand the terminology pertaining to durability and non-fragility​​
  • Understand the definitions of, and differences between, non-fragile rooflights and walk-on rooflights​
  • Understand where non-fragile rooflights should be installed​​
  • Understand practical recommendations for specification for both types of rooflight to be safe and compliant​

This seminar also allows plenty of additional time for questions and discussions on the topic.



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