CPD Seminars

As market leaders in natural light and rooflight solutions, we fully understand the complexities of design and specification in these areas.

It can be difficult to keep up to date with ever changing products and constantly evolving standards and regulations. With this in mind, we have developed our CPD seminars to provide you with the thorough knowledge you need.

Both of our RIBA accredited CPD seminars highlight the importance of natural light for buildings and occupants, as well as providing technical and legislative instruction. With essential advice on the design considerations involved, and options available, when incorporating rooflight systems into the built environment, our core curriculum seminars deliver essential guidance for creating better living and working environments.

Our RIBA accredited CPDs:

  • No Light like Daylight: Delivering Daylight through Design
  • Don’t Break Glass: Classification of non-fragility for roof glazing

These presentations are completely free of charge.
All of our CPD presentations last 1 hour, and one of our experienced advisors will present at your office. We will arrange a date and time that suits you and your colleagues. For more information or to book, please follow the links in the sidebar navigation.


What counts as CPD?

What you can do for your CPD as a RIBA member is very liberal and flexible.

For an activity to count towards your 35 hour CPD requirement RIBA only ask that you can learn something from the activity which is relevant to you as an architect and professional. CPD can be structured or informal. Both of our accredited seminars would be considered ‘structured’ CPD as they have clear learning aims and outcomes. Microlearning (CPD taking less than 30mins) is informal learning which is often self-directed and delivered in very short, digestible chunks. Examples could be reading (articles, documents, policy papers), short videos, podcasts, info-graphics. The articles below cover a variety of topics relating to daylighting and roof glazing:

A Guide to Replacing Heritage Rooflights

Specification for ‘Non-Fragile’ and ‘Walk-On’ Rooflights

Testing and Certification for Glass Rooflights

Structural Roof Glazing – Design Considerations

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