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Natural Ventilation

Natural smoke ventilation systems open air ways, and use natural air-flow dynamics to remove smoke when a fire occurs. There are numerous factors to consider when evaluating a natural ventilation system for a building, such as: Free Area Calculations and the selection of appropriate actuators and vents.

Air-flow in a natural ventilation system is attained by opening windows or vents, automatic opening vents (AOVs). Smoke detectors activate a natural smoke venting system to open vents on the affected floor. The natural air-flow will then purge smoke from the building and exhaust it into the atmosphere.

As life-saving devices, any natural smoke window or vent supplied must meet or exceed the BS EN12101-2 standard. This involves passing rigorous testing against strict criteria for: determination of aerodynamic free area, reliability, opening under load, low ambient temperature, wind load and heat exposure.

All Whitesales natural ventilation products are designed and manufactured to ISO 9001, CE marked and fully certified, and meet the requirements of Building Regulations ADB and ADL.

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