The simple answer to wellbeing – Daylight!


The lowdown on why daylight is critical to wellbeing

The British Summer is officially here, and looks set to stay that way for a few more weeks to come. One of the reasons that summertime seems to bring out the best in Britons is attributed to the health benefits which sensible amounts of sunshine bring in terms of mood, stimulation of essential vitamins, and energy levels.

Conversely, too little light is proven to have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing. Poor exposure to daylight, and natural lighting replaced by artificial substitutes can affect eyesight, create headaches and reduce motivation, productivity, energy and wellbeing.

In evidence, a report from the British Charity for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) states that in the UK and Ireland, the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere make us much more susceptible to ill-health. This is thought to result from the extremes in light levels experienced between summer and winter periods.

The long shadow cast by artificial lighting

Despite the huge developments which architects and designers currently benefit from in terms of innovative lighting solutions, there is no question that natural daylight is always the best option when considering construction design.

A report by the European Commission Health & Consumers Scientific Committee stresses that emissions from artificial light sources (including ultraviolet and infrared radiation) are at levels which affect skin, eyes and Circadian rhythms.

Operatives working in environments which are solely reliant upon artificial light (such as warehouses, factories, storage facilities and similar) are often found to have increased issues with sleep disturbances and immune system health, as all of their light is gained from these non-natural sources. This is why Specifiers and Architects fully consider over-reliance on artificial light sources in conjunction with the purpose of the building.

There’s no light, like daylight

So, given the negative impacts on wellbeing identified in over-use of artificial light systems, what are the options addressing these concerns through considerate design? Innovation into new ways of adding natural light to any design are constantly bringing enhanced products to the industry.

At Whitesales, we have modern, innovative solutions to let in light, and throw shade at artificial options. Our daylighting systems are adapted to any building, all sectors, and every purpose, to improve health and wellbeing through access to natural lighting solutions. Roof lights, skylights, ridgelights and bespoke glazing options all enable buildings to be modified to enhance natural light.

It’s time to reverse the traditional view of the UK as a dark, gloomy place populated by a demotivated nation of vitamin and energy-deficient people. Find out how we can work with you today, to introduce the cost-effective, practical, natural light innovations of tomorrow.

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