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Maintenance & Servicing

We make it easier for you to keep people and buildings safe from fire.

The law requires that you partner with experts to service NSHEV systems. Whitesales is the UK’s leading manufacturer of smoke ventilation and control systems. Partner with us, and you have rapid access to our 30 years of industry experience, fully compliant and independently certified products, and the best servicing and support in the industry.

Annual checks for smoke ventilation systems are vital. Checking every six months is safer yet. Our 12-month servicing package features two 6-monthly visits, which means your NSHEV systems will be running at peak performance all year round.

It’s painstakingly thorough – as it should be – with every component part of your system, from sensors through to actuator function on smoke ventillation systems, put through its paces.

After each service, you’ll receive fresh certification. And if you have any concerns in between those six-monthly service visits, you’ve got the invaluable reassurance of a dedicated technical support team at the other end of the phone.

To arrange servicing that keeps your smoke safety systems in top working order, please call 01483 271371 or email us here.

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