Health benefits vs risks – how to enjoy the Spring sunshine

Have you ever noticed how everything changes as soon as the first signs of Spring appear? Crocuses peek out from the earth, people start smiling more and gardens suddenly bloom into life after months of lying dormant. There’s long been a joke around the way British people burst with enthusiasm as soon as the first […]

The hidden costs of our virtual reality

This brings all manner of benefits, not least because our world is predominantly digital, and children with technological awareness are more likely to succeed when they come to enter their careers. No industry is exempt from increased ‘digitisation’, as society uses ever more complex technologies to replace what used to be solely manual labour. These […]

What JFK knew about today’s workplaces

In 1963, iconic US President John F Kennedy made an incredible speech. A part of this has been immortalised; when he stated: “Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air.” At the time, JFK was speaking about peace – about remembering that we are all […]

Were the ‘good old days’ really that bright?

When people speak of ‘the good old days’, ‘when we were kids’ or ‘when times were simpler’, you can usually sit back and be rewarded with a great tale of childhood. A childhood when it was not just safe to play outside from dawn until dusk, but where (if you believe the fond memories), children […]