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Smoke Control Panels


Em-Vent smoke control panels (EVSCP) provide natural Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation (nSHEV) control for electrically operated systems.  Em-Vent smoke control panels are independently tested and fully certified to BS EN12101-10.

Many accessories are available as part of the Em-Vent package:

  • Fireman’s Priority Switch (EVSFPS)
  • Manual Control Point (EVSMCP)
  • Smoke Detector (EVSSD)
  • Heat Detector (EVSHD)
  • Room Thermostat (EVSRT)
  • Comfort Switch (EVSCS)
  • Key Switch (EVSKS)
  • Wind Sensor (EVSWS)
  • Rain Sensor (EVSRS)

For more information on the use of each of these accessories, please see our Smoke & Access brochure, or contact us.

Combined with Whitesales’ smoke ventilation unit, these Em-Vent control panels are able to offer a complete solution for the operation and monitoring of your smoke vent requirements.

Whitesales also provide wiring schematics for all smoke control installations detailing core size, and quantity and control panel programming. Schematic wiring diagrams are a pictorial way of showing electrical circuit, and its simplified pictorial representation shows the components and power and signal connections between the devices. Find out more by watching our video below.


The Em-Vent Smoke Control Panels and Accessories are certified to EN12101-9 and EN12101-10.

Click here to view the Em-Vent Smoke Control Panels Declaration of Performance


When installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, Em-Vent Smoke Control Panels and Accessories are guaranteed against the effects of defective design, materials or construction for 24 months, subject to certain conditions. “Special Project” guarantees are available. For further details contact us.

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