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Es-SHEV Environmental Pod

Increased lobby & corridor overheating has become a feature of modern living in city centre multi-residential buildings. This is mainly due to centralised heat generation systems which significantly increase heat build-up in common areas. Improved energy efficiency, air tightness, and urban density are also contributory factors.

The secondary use of a mechanical smoke ventilation system is becoming more common, and is an effective means of reducing temperature areas deep within a building through the use of the smoke shaft as a cooling chamber. It assists by providing negative pressure within the communal areas to draw air up through the building and works most effectively when combined with low-level inlet air.

The Es-SHEV Environmental Pod is an additional pod which is integrated into the Mechanical Pod by means of a fire proof damper, and includes an energy efficient extract fan controlled by thermostats and smoke shaft vents at each level. The system automatically modulates the internal temperature and shuts down immediately if a fire signal is given. In addition, primary and secondary attenuation may be installed to reduce noise pollution for adjoining properties or building occupants.


  • Effective secondary ventilation through the smoke shaft with the simple addition of the Es-SHEV Environmental Pod
  • Es-SHEV Environmental pod utilises highly efficient extract fans in line with IEC 60364-8-1 Energy Efficiency guidelines
  • Attenuation, either primary or secondary, prevents noise pollution to adjoining properties or building occupants
  • The Sertus Mechanical Control panel immediately shuts down the environmental system on receipt of a fire signal
  • Ranges of fan sizes combined with invertor control provide variable flow rates to enable correct extraction rates for every heat load and size of building


  • Es-SHEV Environmental: 350mm diameter
  • Es-SHEV Environmental: 400mm diameter
  • Es-SHEV Environmental: 450mm diameter

Exceeding minimum standards

  • Extract fans meeting the requirements of IEC 60364-8-1 Low Voltage electrical installations Part 8-1 Energy Efficiency
  • Smoke vent dampers certified to BS EN 12101-8: 2011 Smoke Control Dampers
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