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Es-SHEV Car Park Pod

Enclosed car park areas require ventilation for environmental and smoke control.

Natural ventilation may be suitable for both environmental and smoke control if a minimum of 5% of floor area is achievable as a free vent area. In addition, vents must be located on either side of the zone to enable sufficient cross flow ventilation. Alternatively, a natural vent area of 2.5% may be provided if this is for smoke only and a supplementary mechanical Carbon Monoxide ventilation system is provided.

Often this level of natural ventilation is impossible to provide particularly if the car park is partly or entirely underground. Mechanical ventilation is the only solution in this situation and extract fans are sized to provide 10 air changes per hour for smoke control and exposure to no more than 30 parts/million of Carbon Monoxide over an 8hr period for environmental control.

Mechanical systems include ducted extract, although impulse or induction jet fans are becoming more popular due to their lower cost, and space saving design.

Smoke control in car parks has the main aim of creating smoke free zones for escape and firefighting, limiting smoke temperature and structural damage and preventing spread of the fire to other floors. Guidance on the design of car park ventilation is found within Building Regulations Approved Document B & F and BS 7346 part 7:2013.


  • Available in a standard range of guaranteed performances
  • Pre-commissioned unit for fast installation with no risk of missing parts
  • Maybe used for Environmental as well as Smoke ventilation with fully integrated control systems


  • Es-SHEV Carpark Pod: Impulse
  • Es-SHEV Carpark Pod: Induction

Exceeding minimum standards

  • Extract fans CE Marked and fully certified to BS EN 12101-3:2015 Fans
  • Smoke control panel certified to BS EN 12101-10:2005 Power Supplies
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