Em-Dome ECO modular rooflight

The Em-Dome ECO modular rooflight range features our most environmentally friendly rooflights yet.

Outstanding thermal insulation for uncompromisingly environmentally friendly buildings makes meeting and exceeding all the latest building regulations easy.  We’ve boosted thermal and acoustic performance and maintained impressive light transmission, all without compromising on strength, security and aesthetic appeal.

The ECO range is available from stock in four specifications and can be ordered in various shapes and sizes.  As with all Whitesales rooflights, various glazing options can be specified, including solar control and privacy features.  For ideal thermal performance and ease of installation, we recommend installing with Em-Curb ECO upstands.

  • Superior thermal insulation – U-Values as low as 0.90W/m²K, exceeding EN ISO 6946 standards
  • Comply with CE EN1873
  • Meet ISO 13468 light transmission standards
  • Standard sizes available from stock
  • Ventilation options available for additional thermal benefits
  • Quick and easy to install

Shapes and sizes

Em-Dome ECO is available in a range of shapes, profiles and sizes to suit many requirements.


The Shape of a rooflight relates to the shape of the hole in the roof.
Em-Dome ECO is available in the following shapes:

  • Circular
  • Square
  • Rectangular

The Profile of a rooflight relates to the side-view contour shape of the rooflight.
Em-Dome ECO is available in the following profiles for triple and quad skin glazing:

  • Domes
  • Pyramid
  • Trapezoidal
Size availability

Offered in an extensive range of sizes from 400 x 400mm, through to 1900 x 2900mmmm.  Many sizes are available from stock for next day delivery.


Em-Dome ECO is available in four specifications:

  • Polycarbonate 4-walled 10mm skin
  • Polycarbonate 6-walled 16mm skin
  • Polycarbonate triple skin
  • Polycarbonate quad skin

Em-Dome ECO can be supplied in Clear (triple and quad skin), Opal Diffused, Bronze and HeatReflect glazing.
For full details on the performance of the glazing options available, see our Em-Dome glazing options


By combining Em-Dome ECO rooflights with easy-fitting Em-Curb ECO upstands, any rooflight installation and roof refurbishment can now happen faster, safer and achieve better credentials than ever before.  They are thermally broken and have U-Values as low as 0.89W/m²K.
The ECO upstand come in stock and bespoke sizes, in any of the five standard formats:

  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 150mm splayed
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 150mm vertical
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 300mm splayed
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 300mm vertical
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 350mm splayed

For full details on the performance of the upstand options available, see our Em-Dome Upstands.


Em-Dome ECO is available with any ventilation option, manual or electric roof accessor smoke ventilation.
For full details on ventilation options, see our Em-Dome Ventilation.


Em-Dome ECO rooflights are available with all security features that the standard Em-Domes have:  Patented Screwbolts as standard and options Em-Dome Plus and Security Grid.
For full details about these security options, see our Em-Dome Security.

Certification and Performance

The Em-Dome ECO is certified and guaranteed to the same standards as the Em-Dome.  Please see our Em-Dome page for full technical details.

Installation instructions

Please download the relevant installation booklet for full instructions on how to install your Em-Dome ECO.
Em-Dome Installation for uPVC Upstands, to Builder’s Upstands & uPVC Opening Frames
Em-Dome Installation for uPVC Collar Cowls
Em-Dome Installation for Aluminium Adaptor Flanges, Aluminium Opening Frames & Linked Units

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