Em-Glaze flat glass modular rooflight

Em-Glaze modular flat glass rooflights are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing prefabricated flat glass rooflights.

Available in a wide range of sizes or made to measure, Em-Glaze flat rooflights provide a clean, minimalistic finish inside and out.
Manufactured with flat sealed glass units, each rooflight incorporates a fully welded aluminium frame and cill detail. All visible aluminium is polyester powder coated light grey as standard or can be powder coated if required.

The flush design of the Em-Glaze modular rooflight ensures efficient rainwater drainage. The silkprint edge also guarantees that the double glazed unit holds unrivalled insulation value over its full lifetime. Many rooflight accessories are available to be used in conjunction with the Em-Glaze flat rooflights.

  • Good thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Factory pre-glazed for easy installation
  • Ventilation options available
  • Secure, welded glazing frame
  • Compatible with builders and uPVC upstands

Shapes and sizes

Em-Glaze Modular units are available in square and rectangular shapes. A selection of circular sizes is also available.


The shape of a rooflight relates to the shape of the whole in the roof.

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Circular
Size availability

Offered in a range of standard sizes  ready for immediate dispatch.  Further bespoke sizes are available to special order.

Click here to see the size chart of stocked sizes


Double glazed Em-Glaze modular flat glass rooflights are manufactured with 32mm hermetically sealed Low E, argon filled units as standard, with a warm edge spacer, providing a high performance system. For increased thermal values, the rooflight can be supplied with triple glazing.

  • Double Glazing
  • Triple Glazing

The glass can be finished as Clear for highest light transmission or Opal Diffused for increased security. Solar Control and Self-Cleaning coating options are also available and can be combined if both are required.

Available options:

  • Clear
  • Opal Diffused
  • Solar Control
  • Self-Cleaning
Glazing Specification

For full details on the performance of the glazing options available, click here.


Em-Glaze flat glass modular rooflights are designed to be used in conjunction with Em-Curb upstands and can also be installed to existing builder’s upstands.  For both options we recommend that the units are installed to a pitch of between 5˚ and 15˚. For full installation instructions see Installation page.

Em-Curbs represent excellent value for money and enhance the overall appearance of the rooflight.

  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 150mm Splayed
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 150mm Vertical
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 300mm Splayed
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 350mm Oversleeve Splayed

For full details on the performance of the upstand options available, see Em-Dome Upstands

Em-Collars are also compatible with this product and provide a thermally broken solution for replacing existing rooflights.  They would typically be installed to an existing or newly formed builder’s upstand where the dimensions do not suit a standard sized Em-Glaze flat glass modular rooflight.


Em-Glaze flat glass modular rooflights are available with any ventilation type, smoke ventilation and manual or electric roof access.

Options available:

  • Permanent Trickle
  • Controllable Trickle
  • Controllable Rotating
  • Hinged Manual Spindle Opening
  • Hinged Electric Actuator Opening
  • Powered Ventilation
  • Smoke Ventilation
  • Manual or Electric Opening for Access

For full details on ventilation options, see Em-Dome Ventilation 

Em-Glaze flat glass modular rooflights are also available with a sliding opening option for access. These rooflights fully open to provide an unobstructed view. They have a cantilever design so no extra supports are required on the roof. The flush design ensures efficient drainage of rainwater and the edge detail ensures that the double glazed unit holds the unrivalled insulation value over the full lifetime without deterioration. Visit the access hatch pages for more information.

Certification & Performance.

Requirement Result Classification
Watertightness Passed EN1873
Air tightness Class 4 (60pa) EN12207/EN1026
Sound insulation 34 (-2,-4) dB DS/EN717-1/A1
Light transmission 86%
Weight 55 kg/m2
Thermal insulation
(with uPVC 150mm Vertical upstand)*
1.24 W/m2K EN/ISO 10077-1
EN/ISO 10077-2

*Thermal transmission refers to U-Values.  For Ud-Values, please contact us.

All Em-Glaze flat glass modular rooflights, when installed on Em-Curbs in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, are guaranteed for a period of ten years.  For further information contact us.

Installation Instructions

Em-Glaze flat glass modular rooflights must be installed on an upstand that is set at a slope of between 5˚and 15˚.

Please contact us for full instructions on how to install your Em-Glaze flat glass modular rooflight.

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