Em-View self-cleaning glass rooflight

The Em-View incorporates a roof dome and double glazed glass unit securely housed in an insulated flat roof, uPVC rooflight frame, providing exceptional sound insulation and thermal value.

They are an excellent means by which both light and solar energy can be utilised to reduce the carbon footprint of any property.

The Em-View is highly versatile and suitable for most applications and particularly suited to the refurbishment market.

Em-View modular rooflights can be fixed, manually opened or electrically operated with a remote device.  In addition, Em-View roof windows are impact resistant and can be classed as ‘non-fragile’.

  • Available in 10 sizes with fixed, manual or electric opening
  • Compatible with vertical and splayed* upstands.
  • Provides excellent sound insulation from rain and hail
  • Highly energy efficient – Uw-Value of 0.64 W/m2K with quad skin dome
  • Impact resistant
  • CE marked to EN1873

*Splayed upstands are on a 4 week lead time.

Shapes and sizes

Em-Views are available in a range of  sizes from stock for next day delivery with a vertical upstand.  Em-Views with a splayed upstand are currently on a 4 week lead time.


The Shape of a rooflight relates to the shape of the hole in the roof.

Em-Views are available in the following shapes:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
Size availability

Offered in a range of 10 sizes from stock for next day delivery (for builders or PVC vertical upstands only), ranging from 600 x 600mm to 1300 x 2300mm.  For splayed curb sizes, please contact our sales team.

Click here to see the full size chart.


Em-View rooflights incorporate two glazing types – a polycarbonate roof dome over a double glazed flat glass unit.  This gives increased thermal values and clarity while keeping the aesthetic values of a glass rooflight.   The roof dome is available as single skinned as standard, but with options for double, triple or quad skin.

  • Single skin dome with double glazed flat glass
  • Double skin dome with double glazed flat glass
  • Triple skin dome with double glazed flat glass
  • Quad skin dome with double glazed flat glass

Em-Views are available in the full range of glazing options including Clear, Opal Diffused, Bronze and HeatReflect.

  • Clear
  • Opal Diffused


Em-View rooflights are compatible with our 150mm vertical or splayed upstands.  They can also be installed to existing builder’s curbs by means of a 50mm high uPVC sub-frame.

The 150mm vertical curb is made of shock resistant uPVC which does not need any additional finish. The curbs are equipped with a self-adhesive protection film on the inside, which must be removed at first use. When cleaning the curb, only use non-abrasive and neutral cleaning products to keep the smooth inner aspect.

Thermal Transmission
Curb Type U-Value (W/m2K)
uPVC 150mm Vertical 0.92



Natural ventilation of rooms is important for the health, comfort and performance of occupants and also significantly reduces building running costs by reducing energy consumption.  Effective air flow is also paramount for meeting building regulations.

Natural ventilation controls are also available, including wind, rain and temperature sensors, humidity and CO2 monitors, remote controls, and time controlled opening and closing.  They are designed to provide advanced switching options to control comfort ventilation for electrically opening rooflights.  The controls are compatible with both modular and continuous rooflight ranges and all building types.  Various options can be used in conjunction with each other.

Available options for Em-View rooflights:

Hinged Manual Spindle Opening

Hinged opening vents provide the maximum ventilation area to allow rapid air movement.  The manual spindle operation can be opened to any point up to 300mm and is operated by a Winding Rod available separately in 1.5m, 2m, 3m or 4m lengths – please enquire for more details.

Hinged Electric Actuator Opening

Powered hinged opening vents provide the maximum ventilation area to allow rapid air movement opening to 200mm.  The electric actuator operation allows control by a wall mounted open/close switch with options for wind, rain and temperature sensors, as well as CO2 monitors, and a range of control panels  available separately.

Certification – Glass element


Whitesales’ Em-View rooflights are ‘out of plane’ and deemed to be ‘non-fragile’.

Impact tested

The glass element of the Em-View has undergone large soft body and hard body impact testing by an independent accredited test organisation according to CWCT TN66 and TN67 and passed according to Class 1 non-fragility.

CE Certified

There is currently no European norm to cover glass modular rooflights.

Further characteristics and certification:
Acoustic performance Rw=31 (-1;-1)dB
Air permeability Class 2
Watertightnesss Pass (without penetration of water)
Up-effect loading UL 3000
Down-effect loading DL 2500

Certification – Polycarbonate element


The dome element of the Em-View is ‘out-of plane’, and provided it is specified with polycarbonate glazing, can be deemed to be ‘non-fragile’.

Impact tested

The polycarbonate roof lights have undergone large body impact testing by an independent accredited test organisation and test certificates are available to demonstrate compliance to an energy level of 1200 Joules when tested to pr EN 1873, and ACR(M)001: 2005 to Class B. They have also undergone hard body impact testing according to NBN EN 13964:2007.

BBA Certified 

BBA certification is available –  Certificate No. 00/4691.

CE Certified

Our polycarbonate domes are manufactured in accordance with European standards and hold a CE mark according to EN1873.

ISO 9001

Manufactured to ISO 9001.


When installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, Em-View units are expected to exceed the life of the roof covering. Em-View units are guaranteed against the effects of defective design, materials or construction for ten years, subject to certain conditions. ‘Special Project’ guarantees are available. For further details contact us.


Please download the installation booklet for full instructions on how to install your Em-View unit:

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