Creating bespoke solutions

Rooflights have evolved far beyond being a utilitarian source of light, becoming integral elements to deliver outstanding aesthetics and creativity to buildings. The design possibilities have become endless.

Whatever your building, whatever the sector, we can custom-design and manufacture a bespoke
rooflight solution, designed to accommodate any shape and size requirements:

  • Bespoke shapes – in-house manufacturing to exact specifications
  • Aesthetic design – custom designed extrusions
  • Structural loading calculations
  • Glass design service – products tailored to suit g value, U value, LT (light transmission) performance required
  • Self-supporting solutions – glazing bars up to 175mm deep
  • Atrium glazing incorporating CE certified EN12101-2 smoke ventilation
  • Solutions available for 5° – 85° slope angles
  • Finishes available in RAL/BS powder coating colours as well as coloured anodising

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