Opening hours and dispatch info for Dec and Jan


As the year draws to a close, customers are already beginning to think about the holiday season.
To help plan for stock and site orders and ensure a smooth service, here are our opening hours for the end of the year:

21st Dec: Open (normal dispatch for all products)

22nd Dec: Open (normal dispatch for all products)

23rd Dec: Open (last normal dispatch date for all products)

24th Dec: Open until 1200 noon (no dispatch)

25th Dec: Closed

28th Dec: Closed

29th Dec: Closed

30th Dec: Closed

31st Dec: Closed

1st Jan: Closed

4th Jan: Open reduced hours 1030 to 1630 (limited dispatch)

5th Jan: Open from 0700 (normal dispatch for all products)

Don’t hesitate to contact customer services if you have any specific questions with regard to stock availability and lead times for special sizes.

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