Open up your options with Em-Glaze modular rooflights

Em Glaze Modular Ridgelight Render Image


As the demands on a building grow, it can often mean upsizing to accommodate new employees, pupils or tenants – but before you start calling estate agents, get in touch with our consultancy teamfor a review of your existing building, and we’ll provide you with an analysis of whether moving is the best option for you – or if you can make small changes to the building that will have a big impact on the occupants.

Increasing light and space from above a room or walkway can open it up to new possibilities – whether that’s alternative functionality, increased occupancy or a better working environment, allowing more natural light into the building which in turn impacts mood, concentration and stress levels. And when the weather is as uncertain as British summer time, the modular ridgelights’ rapid response rain sensor technology saves the day; automatically closing when poor weather is detected. You can also choose the ventilation options – from manual to electrically operated, opening up to 300mm.

Read our recent case study with St Lawrence Primary School to see how Em-Glaze glass rooflights maximised light and space for an ever-growing school population, and to find out more call our expert team on 01483 271371 or visit our Contact Us page, where you’ll find our contact form and office opening hours.

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