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25% of buildings in the UK are now over one hundred years old. Conserving, restoring or adapting these historic structures is an art, requiring in-depth professional knowledge and technical expertise.

With decades of experience in creating bespoke rooflights for heritage builds, at Whitesales we’re proud to have worked on many iconic historical sites, from Grade I listed Somerset House, a Neoclassical palace on the banks of the Thames, to Sydney Smirke’s beautiful Victorian orangery, in Gunnersbury Park, west London. While every project is different, three principles underpin our approach:

  • Character. We ensure that our design mirrors the original architecture and blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Our proprietary extruded aluminium frame system can be designed in all sorts of shapes and sizes and in any colour. Structurally strong enough to be self-supporting, it holds triple glazing and remains weathertight under the harshest conditions.
  • Comfort. Cutting-edge materials, technology and engineering guarantee that our rooflights perform to – and exceed – current building regulations. Striking improvements to natural light levels, ventilation and acoustics greatly increase occupant comfort. Self-cleaning glass reduces maintenance. To boost fire safety our Em-Glaze rooflights can also be installed as fully certified and compliant smoke vents.
    Certification. Our high-performance, stringently-tested products are fully-certified and compliant. We assess the needs of every project in detail before recommending a design. We advise, design, manufacture and install bespoke systems on virtually any scale, anywhere in the UK.

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