It’s as simple as it sounds…

With every qualifying Whitesales rooflight purchase through your local merchant branch in April, May and June 2019, you can earn cashback rewards!

What do you need to do after the purchase?

Simply fill out the form opposite and upload a copy of your receipt – this can be done individually or as a bulk upload.

Your submission will then be reviewed and, if validated, you will receive an email confirming the value of your reward. Following that, you will receive an eGiftcard.

Please read our terms and conditions for full details.

Important notice:

Proof of purchase will only be accepted if uploaded through the online form before July 31st 2019. To be valid, proof of purchase must include full details of the Whitesales product (product code etc), the quantity of products purchased, the value of products purchased, date of purchase and name and branch detail of supplying merchant.

Thank you for your purchase!

Now it’s time for you to fill in the form and upload your receipt below to claim your cashback! Please fill out the form below: