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Shanks Waste Mechanical Biological Treatment plant

Project Information

Project: Shanks Waste Management, Rainham, East London
Client: Refurbishment of fire damaged waste treatment plant
Scope of project: Rooftech
Products: Es-Vent single leaf smoke vents and Es-Louvre smoke vents

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The Challenge:

Shanks operates a Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant in Rainham, East London. Work at the plant involves stabilising waste, extracting metals, glass and plastic for recycling and creating solid fuel from the non-recyclable material.

A major incident in the summer of 2014 resulted in a devastating fire. The blaze was so large that it took the combined efforts of twelve fire engines and eighty-one firemen over twenty-four hours to bring the incident under control. The Shanks Building was left severely damaged and the owners faced the daunting task of getting it back to working condition, and ensuring that the new building provided greater security against fire risk. The damaged existing building comprised of a large storage area with thirty-two single leaf smoke vents and an adjoining waste transfer area incorporated twelve louvre vents.

Whitesales were called in to assess the damage to the smoke ventilation system and tasked with designing and specifying a modern equivalent to comply with relevant certifications and building regulation standards.


The Solution:


Whitesales’ Es-range of products provided the perfect combination of high-performance design, wide range of size options and high level of certification. Whitesales’ technical team worked closely with the design team and the M & E contractor to ensure that both the installation and control of the units were in accordance with all regulations. Compliance with relevant codes of practice for design and use of the buildings was of paramount importance. Whitesales manufactured and supplied 32 Es-Vent 1000mm x 2200mm single leaf 24 Volt DC actuated smoke vents for the main storage area. These were cleverly paired by a joint detail to create 16 1000mm x 4400mm linked smoke vents. Each unit incorporated a 300mm high insulated upstand and 16mm multiwall polycarbonate glazing. For the waste transfer area Whitesales also supplied 12 Es-Louvre 800mm x 1800mm smoke vent units, again with 24 Volt DC actuation ready for linking into the Building Management System.

The result is a safe, compliant building with modern replacement smoke ventilation and the additional advantage for the plant’s staff of increased daylight and the facility to open vents to regulate temperature and allow air to circulate.


The Benefits:

Whitesales’ Es range of products is specifically designed for industrial, commercial and MOD work. Made from long-wearing, durable materials, all products in the range are certified to EN 12101-2 Smoke Regulations.

    • Fully certified to BS EN 12101-2
    • Compliant with Building Regulation ADB and ADL
    • Available in a wide range of sizes and options
    • Provide natural comfort ventilation
    • Supplied to site fully assembled and ready to install
    • High security and impact resistant to EN 1873 1200 joules


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