Winkfield Residential Scheme

Project Information

Project: Winkfield Residential Scheme, Windsor
Client: Bloor Homes
Scope of project: New ridgelights for building development
Products: em.glaze modular ridgelights


The Challenge:

Bloor Homes is a private housebuilding firm who are very selective over locations, plots, materials and creating serene, calming interiors.

At Mayfield Place in Winkfield, on the edge of Windsor, Bloor had planned and designed seven five-bedroomed luxury houses. The footprints and proportions were generous and the rooms spacious; yet deep interiors run the risk of feeling gloomy and undesirable without adequate light. Since rooflights draw in three times more daylight than an equivalent-sized window – wherever the sun may be – the success of the final design rested in no small way on the quality of internal light.


The Solution:

Whitesales were asked to provide sleek, minimalist rooflights which would complement the homes’ design and drench the interiors with natural light to provide a bright, uplifting and opulent-feeling atmosphere.

em.glaze modular ridgelights are modular rooflights available in standard sizes from stock, with a choice of glazing and ventilation options. They exceed all regulations for impact-resistance, durability, environmental and thermal performance. Whitesales also hold them ready for overnight delivery, which suited the developer’s ever-changing construction schedule. Two rooflights were supplied and installed for each home; one in the deep open-plan dining areas and the other above the first-floor landing and stairwell, casting natural light through both floors.


The Benefits:

  • Slimline aluminium framework ensures outstanding light performance.
  • Fast delivery eliminates damage on-site.
  • Easily installed on builders’ upstand.
  • Self-cleaning glass minimises maintenance.
  • Increased daylight is proven to boost immune system, health and general wellbeing.


The Gallery:

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