Central London offices

Project Information

Project: Central London Offices
Client: Main Contractor
Scope of project: To convert an unused central well into a internal circulation area
Products: Em-Glaze Modular Rooflights

central london office


The Challenge:

Skylights to transform Central London offices

The project involved creating an internal circulation area as well as providing a roof garden above, for staff to use during lunch breaks.



The Solution:

green em glaze

Em-Glaze modular rooflights were used to provide ventilation within the circulation area by incorporating electric actuators into the skylights. The units themselves were installed to raised timber plinths, joined to seating and planters. The Em-Glaze rooflights are double glazed comprised of 6mm toughened outer, 18m argon filled cavity and 6.4m laminated inner. This provides a thermal transmission of 1.4W/m²k, sound reduction of 34db and a light transmission of 85%, whilst ensuring they are Non-Fragile and rated to Class B - BS EN 12600.


The Benefits:

The central well is now well lit with natural light and ventilated, circulating air throughout the office. The roof now provides an attractive seated area for staff to get away to during breaks.


The Gallery:

central london office

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