Camden Studios

Project Information

Project: Camden Studios
Client: Quinn London
Scope of project: Fully bespoke rooflights to suit the varied building needs
Products: em.glaze Modular Rooflights


The Challenge:

This impressive project, located on Camden Street, formed part of a £3.7m regeneration scheme focused on both construction of new residential apartments and the extensive refurbishment of the community studio space. The scope for the studio refurbishment was comprehensive and devised to bring the dynamic, interactive communal working space back to life. Designed to merge living accommodation and working space, the collaborative working areas are housed in the singular, open plan room.  Some of the daily occupants are artists or craftsmen that require high levels of natural daylight for tasks and detail work. The project scope included the installation of a new metal roof with custom-sized rooflights where the sizing had to match existing  upstands. As the multi-purpose area is also a living space, and the studios are located on the busy main road of Camden Street, a reduction in traffic noise through the glazing was also a key design aspiration. Control of solar gain was also essential to ensure comfortable living and working for the occupants.


The Solution:

We provided a turn-key solution with custom sized units to meet the stringent specification set by Camden Council. The bespoke rooflights featured:

  • ‘Pin-point’ sizing to match existing sizes and minimise works to internal apertures.
  • Double-glazed glass with high-performance solar control coating to the outer pane, providing best-in-class balance between light transmission and solar gain.
  • 8.8mm laminated inner pane with different thickness outer pane providing exemplary sound reduction.


The Benefits:

Highly energy efficient, with glass-to-edge design, the installed em.glaze rooflights offer:

• Exceptional performance

• Optimum light levels to the detailed task environment

• High performing solar control keeping the building heat levels at a controllable level

The studio space is now an outstanding multi-functional environment for both residents and artisans alike.


The Gallery: