University for the Creative Arts, Farnham

Project Information

Project: Farnham Refectory Rooflights Replacement
Client: University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
Scope of project: £110k project to replace aged Lantern Light rooflights
Products: em.glaze dual pitched Lantern Lights


The Challenge:

UCA in Farnham, Surrey had been experiencing problems with its existing infill rooflights for some time. The large glazed areas, located over the University’s refectory, had misted over and unsightly algae had formed. More importantly, the timber structure of the rooflights had shifted over time, causing water ingress and loose joints, which meant the rooflights had become structurally unsafe. The only sensible option was to replace the defective units completely. With the surrounding flat roof also due to be replaced in the near future, existing timber upstands had to be raised to allow for the new roof’s increased insulation thickness. Work had to be carried out during the six week summer holiday period.


The Solution:

Our expert team at Whitesales quickly identified the em.glaze Lantern Light as the perfect solution for the project. Existing timber upstands were waterproofed and raised in line with Regulations, and the new rooflights installed. Units were fabricated from extruded aluminium thermally broken glazing bars, pressure caps and insulated perimeter flashings powder coated to RAL 9016 white internally and RAL 7031 blue/grey externally to match the adjacent windows.

Special Features:

The glazing specification of 6mm thick Santinovo translucent glass, comprising of an 18 mm thick argon filled cavity and 6mm thick Low ‘E’ toughened inner pane, maximises the level of natural light to flood the refectory area below.

Electrically operated top hung vents were incorporated into the Em-Glaze Lantern Lights for natural ventilation purposes. The vents can also be operated by a temperature and rain sensor to ensure comfort for occupants.


The Benefits:

The new em.glaze Lantern Lights have vastly improved the general ambience of UCA’s refectory area. The Satinovo translucent glass ensures that bright daylight is evenly distributed without excessive glare or shadow and the rooflights’ excellent thermal properties help minimise heat loss. Equally, automatic vents ensure healthy ventilation for occupants.


The Gallery: