Kirkby Market

Project Information

Project: Kirkby Market, Liverpool, Merseyside
Client: Knowsley Council
Scope of project: Market street rooflight installation
Products: em.vault polycarbonate multiwall barrel vault system


The Challenge:

When Kirkby Market in Liverpool was transformed into a fully covered market, a watertight day lit street between the market stalls was required. A flexible design approach was necessary to accommodate changes in level and access panels were required within the roof glazing for maintenance purposes.


The Solution:

Whitesales em.vault polycarbonate multiwall barrel vault system was specified as a solution:

  • Strong lightweight design
  • Installed directly onto the market pods
  • Lightweight rooflights minimised the need for a structural support system
  • Bespoke manufactured, available in widths up to 7.5 metres and any length
  • Barrel vaults are available in low or high rise profiles
  • Units incorporate T junctions, stop ends, oblique angles and changes in levels
  • Whitesales manufactured most of the units off-site but also carried out some specific detailing in position

Special features:

  • Fully certified to EN 14963
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • Life expectancy in excess of 25 years
  • UV protected
  • Tested to withstand snow load, wind load and hailstorms

The architect said ‘We are really pleased with the rooflights at Kirkby Market. We appreciate it has not been the easiest scheme and are delighted with the end product.’


The Benefits:

Whitesales em.vaults have provided Kirkby Market with an unobstructed glazed area allowing natural daylight to fill the market street. The units also incorporate natural ventilation between the em.vault barrel vault system and the market below.


The Gallery: