Capture natural daylight with tubular skylights


As regulation stipulates, building designers must ensure that where rooflight areas are reduced below 20%, special care has been taken to demonstrate that daylight levels remain adequate. This legislation focuses specifically on rooflights because of their light value when compared to windows, from thermal performance to light transmission, and the valuable impact it can have on the space below.

In some buildings this can be tricky, but even the darkest corners can be transformed using Em-Tube tubular skylights. A highly effective way of transmitting daylight into internal rooms or areas lacking in natural light, tubular skylights capture and transmit up to 20 times the equivalent of a 100-watt bulb by directing light downwards through rigid or flexible tubes, which is then diffused at ceiling level. To find out more about the daylight theory, read our article on the importance of natural daylight.

Em-Tube tubular skylights offer the following benefits:

  • Low profile UV protected polycarbonate dome on flat roof applications.
  • Flat glass on pitched roof applications.
  • Flexible and rigid tube options
  • Lower tube ceiling mounting ring
  • Easy-fit magnetic double-glazed ceiling diffuser

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