Asbestos doesn’t have to mean a hefty price tag

Astley Cooper School after TN


When clients and contractors hear the ‘a’ word it can often spell trouble, incurring additional costs that haven’t been factored into the build. But dealing with asbestos doesn’t have to leave you with a hefty price tag and a hole in your budget.

A recent project that we completed at Astley Cooper School in Hertfordshire involved re-waterproofing their roofs. Asbestos was present, which meant that an alternative solution would be needed to avoid disturbance and the potential health and safety risk that came with it.

Without the need for removal, we installed our Em-Glaze vertical glazing to oversleeve the existing glazing. Fast and easy to install, it was a simple job to complete during the summer break – another important factor for the client– and a cost-effective solution for what could have been a very expensive project. Oversleeving is ideal for projects that have a swift turnaround time, as it minimises building work and disruption, requires no internal access, and is quick to install.

Other benefits include:

  • Thermally efficient
  • Impact and wind resistant, with a wind permeability class 9A (EN 12208) and impact resistance of I 5 (14351-1)

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