A guide to specifying rooflights for your project

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Rooflights enhance buildings: filling them with daylight, boosting thermal performance and reducing energy consumption. Here at Whitesales we advise on specification and design of fully compliant rooflight solutions on virtually any scale. This short guide sums up what you should consider when introducing, restoring or replacing rooflights in a property…

Function and appearance: Rooflights unite interior and exterior views. Their design should be in keeping with internal and external architecture, as well as offering key environmental benefits.

Materials: Key considerations are: thermal performance; solar gain; weatherproofing; loading and durability. Glazing choices include glass – energy efficient and offering high light transmission – and polycarbonate, impact-tested to 1,200 Joules, with the highest fire rating available.

Standards, testing and certification: All rooflights installed in the UK must meet the relevant Building Regulations specifications and comply with the appropriate legislation. For Polycarbonate this includes the CE Norm 1873.  This tests for light transmission, durability and strength, water tightness, thermal and acoustic performance. Whilst there is no current CE Norm for Glass Rooflights, it is important that a non-fragile product is specified, in accordance with CWCT TN66 and TN67 Testing.

Operational capacity: Rooflights can be fixed or sliding, manual or automatic, and even self-cleaning, with permanent background ventilation, rotating trickle vents or manual/ electric hinged openings.

Design, delivery and installation: Providing the right dimensions for your rooflight is critical, accounting for additional elements such as upstands and insulation. A qualified structural engineer should carry out the calculations for any structural support that may be required. You may also need to consider how to lift the rooflight into place. At Whitesales we provide NBS specifications, BIM objects and CAD drawings as part of our comprehensive support services.

Guarantees: Check the guarantees offered on all components of your rooflights, including discolouration of the glazing element, design, materials, construction and accessories.

At Whitesales we offer services that range from product supply-only to our full-service consultancy, bespoke design, installation and support package. We also offer a next-business day delivery promise, saving you time and storage costs.

To find out more, please talk to our experts today. Contact us at sales@whitesales.co.uk or 01483 271371.

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