Em-Trim GRP Flat Roof Edge Trim For Windows & Skylights

Em-Trim GRP flat roof edge trim

Range overview

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Em-Trim is a high quality, durable flat roof trim manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyester. Giving a clean, professional finishing detail for the edge of any flat roof, Em-Trim is virtually maintenance free and will not corrode, rust or dent. Em-Trim roof edge trim is available in black, white and grey with other RAL colours available by special order. Preformed roof edge trim corners are available for all Em-Trim profiles, removing the need for on-site mitre cutting and enabling them to fit a wide variety of roofing specifications.

Roof Trim design

Em-Trim flat roof edge trim is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyester. The tough, enhanced composition ensures that the trim is highly durable and resilient to adverse weather conditions and atmospheric pollution.